green steel framed building

Multiple Steel Buildings and Mezzanine Floor for Marlborough College

CustomerMarlborough College
Building UsageMultiple Steel Buildings
Architect/ProjectClient led design and Midbrook input
what we did...

Marlborough College, an esteemed educational institution nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, sought a steel building company that could provide multiple reliable and durable steel buildings to meet their diverse needs, including secure storage for their minibuses with a mezzanine floor, grounds maintenance facilities, and a timber-clad steel building for their performing arts studio.


black timber clad steel buildingMidbrook Steel Buildings Solution

When Marlborough College approached Midbrook Steel Buildings, renowned for our expertise in steel construction, we were honoured to be selected as their preferred partner for this ambitious project. Leveraging our extensive experience, we proposed a comprehensive solution that addressed all of the college’s requirements.

Collaborative Design Process

Midbrook Steel Buildings initiated a collaborative design process with Marlborough College to ensure that our solutions aligned seamlessly with their specific needs. This partnership facilitated a deep understanding of the college’s unique challenges and allowed us to tailor our designs accordingly. Through open communication and mutual cooperation, we crafted bespoke steel buildings that effectively addressed Marlborough College’s concerns.

Key OutcomesTimber clad green steel building

Secure Minibus Storage with Mezzanine Floor: Our steel-framed building provided Marlborough College with a secure and protected environment for its minibuses, offering resilience against adverse weather conditions and potential security threats. Additionally, we installed a mezzanine floor to maximize storage space, further enhancing the practicality and efficiency of the storage facility.

Grounds Maintenance Facilities: We supplied two robust steel buildings to meet Marlborough College’s grounds maintenance needs, ensuring durability and functionality.

Performing Arts Studio: In addition, we provided a timber-clad steel building for Marlborough College’s performing arts studio, combining aesthetics with structural integrity.

Client Satisfaction

Marlborough College expressed utmost satisfaction with the final outcome of our collaboration. Our steel buildings not only met their specific requirements but also exceeded their expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Moreover, our ability to adhere to budgetary constraints and project timelines further solidified their trust in our partnership.



The successful implementation of multiple steel buildings for Marlborough College exemplifies Midbrook Steel Buildings’ commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions. Through collaborative design processes and open communication, we were able to address the college’s diverse needs effectively. This project stands as a testament to the power of partnership and our unwavering dedication to excellence in steel construction.