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General-Purpose Storage Steel Framed Buildings for JPL Flavours

Midbrook Steel Buildings has recently taken on an exciting project with JPL Flavours, a company experiencing remarkable growth in its operations. Initially approached to supply two general-purpose storage buildings, Midbrook Steel Buildings quickly became a trusted partner for JPL Flavours, as the company realised the need for additional structures to accommodate their expanding business. With an impressive scope that includes groundworks and mezzanine floors, the project encompasses the construction of four new buildings, serving various functions such as a staff canteen, staff gym, manufacturing facility and stock and product storage. Midbrook Steel Buildings is proud to be part of JPL Flavours’ journey and assist this privately owned business in reaching new heights.

Expanding Business Requirements

JPL Flavours’ growth trajectory prompted the need for additional space to support their flourishing operations. Recognising Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in constructing steel framed buildings, JPL Flavours approached them with an initial request for two general-purpose storage buildings. However, as their requirements evolved, JPL Flavours soon realised the necessity for four more buildings, each tailored to serve specific purposes. These facilities, which include a staff canteen, staff gym, manufacturing facility, and stock and product storage, will provide JPL Flavours with the infrastructure necessary to meet their expanding needs.

A Successful Collaboration

Over the past 12 months, Midbrook Steel Buildings has had the pleasure of working closely with JPL Flavours. As a privately owned business, JPL Flavours embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and it has been an honour for Midbrook Steel Buildings to support their growth journey. The partnership between the two companies has been marked by efficient communication, meticulous planning and a commitment to delivering high-quality steel framed buildings that meet JPL Flavours‘ specific requirements.

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