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Why Steel Framed Buildings Are So Popular For Commercial Buildings

Many businesses are opting for a steel framed building rather than traditional brick builds and it’s clear to see why! In this article, we’ll talk you through some of the benefits of steel buildings and help you choose the perfect solution for your business.


Commercial steel buildings can prove to be a superb investment and are relatively cheap to maintain, heat and easy to clean. Some other key benefits include:

  • Sustainability – Steel’s strength and durability combined with being almost 100% recyclable makes this construction material one of the most sustainable. It can be recycled repeatedly and the quality remains the same.
  • Lightweight – Although steel has great strength, it still weighs less than most other materials. The high strength-to-weight ratio renders steel a great choice for durability and withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • Adaptable – As our steel framed buildings are bolted together, they can easily be unbolted. This means that should you need to alter the layout, extend or change your building, we have the flexibility to do so. 

Why Choose Midbrook for your Steel Building?

If you’re now sold on a steel framed building, the next big decision is which steel building supplier to go with. 

Let us introduce you to the expert suppliers and constructors of bespoke steel buildings of genuine quality and endurance. Midbrook brings an enormous amount of passion, dedication and experience to the table. 

As well as taking great pride in being best-placed in the market to offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution with exceptional customer service, we provide an all-round service.

We’re able to manage your entire project from start to finish, including the design and planning process, steelwork, groundworks, cladding systems on a supply-and-fit basis.


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