Essential Guide to Steel Buildings

Why steel?

Steel-framed construction has rapidly become one of the most efficient ways to expand your existing buildings or build environmentally friendly, cost and time efficient new premises. The reasons for the popularity of steel-framed construction are many. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits.

One of the biggest draws of using steel is its durability. Steel buildings are hard to beat when it comes to providing the best protection against the elements. It also lasts longer than other construction materials and benefits from a great strength to weight ratio. Repairs are a real rarity and steel will not become infested with woodworm or other pests and there is no chance of warping. Steel is also completely impervious to water, which in the light of recent weather conditions in the UK is looking like an especially key advantage. In addition, steel framed constructions do not carry anywhere near the same fire risk as their wooden-framed counterparts.

If you do decide to opt for steal framed extensions you will benefit from the incredibly fast assembly and low level of disturbance to your existing operations. Beams used in steel construction are factory manufactured to the exact specifications required, meaning much less on site mess and noise. This also makes for a much quicker job.

Another very key plus point for steel framed construction is the fact that buildings are sealed incredibly well, making them quiet and very inexpensive to keep warm or cool, depending on the weather. Your energy bills will be reduced as well. Finally, the way warehouse steel buildings are put together means that they are highly customisable. They sections are fitted together with screws and bolts, meaning that they can be easily removed and repositioned to allow for remodelling or the addition of a mezzanine floor for instance.

Useful tips

When you have come to the decision that steel is for you, there is the small matter of finding the right contractor. As with anything there are reputable and not so reputable companies. Definitely opt for at least two or three quotes from different enterprises, making sure to ask for customer feedback where possible. Look online for any reviews or feedback. Remember to compare quotes that are like for like. It’s all well and good one contractor coming in cheaper, but ensure that they are using the same quality of materials and of course, have quoted to the same specifications. It is an unfortunate fact that some unscrupulous steel building companies will price up your construction with requirements that are actually less than your local building codes require, just in order to hook you with a lower quote – leaving a nasty surprise down the line. Always ensure that the specifications match your requirements.

There is also a definite distinction between wind rated and wind certified doors. Wind certified doors are lab tested to very demanding levels and are, as a result more expensive. But you may need these doors. Make sure you find out before you accept a quote. Finally it is worth remembering that as with any commodity steel prices do fluctuate quite a lot over time and a reputable company should give you a defined period for how long your quote stands.