Steel Buildings for Warehousing & Distribution

Midbrook Steel Buildings specialise in industrial projects including the construction or expansion of warehouses and distribution hubs. We get involved in projects at various levels from full design and builds to partnership schemes. We are renowned for developing strong working relationships, meaning that we have a clutch of long-standing repeat clients, speaking volumes about the way Midbrook like to do business.

steel warehouse construction companies UKOver the years we’ve forged exceptionally close relationships with a cluster of highly skilled engineers, meaning that we are able to come up with flexible, intelligent and efficient solutions to whichever planning conundrums our clients present and ensuring that our customers always receive the best service, end results and value for money.

Our great experience in steel framed design and construction means that there is no challenge too great. Whatever your requirements we can create a building that will not only match, but exceed your expectations. This ability, in conjunction with our full turnkey project solutions has helped us become such a strong presence in the industry.

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Benefits of Steel for Warehouses

There are so many advantages for choosing a steel building for your warehousing and distribution needs. Steel buildings benefit from great strength to weight ratios in comparison to other buildings. This makes steel ideally suited to buildings of a large scale like warehouses, factories and other industrial buildings. In choosing a Midbrook Steel Building you will be choosing to save time in the short term and money both in the short and long term. The construction period associated with steel structures is substantially shorter as most of the work is done off site.

industrial warehouse builders near meSteel framed buildings also benefit from being more environmentally friendly than its concrete or wooden counterparts. There is less waste involved in the manufacturing and building process and steel is predominantly recyclable, without any pollution. Steel warehouses are put together with what is known as ‘dry construction’, a process with a great environmental profile compared to the ‘wet construction’ associated with reinforced concrete, for example.

As the steel components in the building of a warehouse are bolted together, so they can be easily unattached and adjustments made as your needs change. This offers great flexibility that is hard to find with other construction materials.

Midbrook also ensure that when it comes to the construction of our steel warehouses and distribution hubs, security is a very high priority. We understand that storage facilities are usually home to some valuable equipment and inventory, so security is a must. Steel buildings, by their very nature are perfectly designed to accommodate the latest security equipment such as CCTV cameras. Because of the absence of columns (unlike in concrete construction) the cameras will have an unobstructed view of the interior. There are also no better materials than steel when it comes to withstanding environmental damage. Whether you are concerned about floods, wind, cold, heat or fire steel buildings provide the best defence. As steel is not flammable, worry over the destruction caused by fire is minimized. You will also benefit from better insurance premiums as a result. Steel buildings are also better able to resist other common threats like decay, pests and mildew as well as proving very economical to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

Midbrook only use the highest quality steel for our constructions and can design and build all manner of warehouses from standard steel portal warehouses to high bay warehouses or wide span steel framed warehouses. Every project is treated with great respect and diligence.

Please email us or call us on 01335 370128 for further advice and information.

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Excellent Levels of Service

Midbrook Steel Buildings always ensure that we strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellent levels of service. Our goal is always to go above and beyond to surpass customer expectations in every way, from design through to end result as well as customer service. We always ensure that we communicate clearly with our customers and ensure that deadlines and budgets are met.

A Committed Team Eager to Please

Our team is small, consistent motivated and dedicated to the maintenance of high standards. We have an enormous combined experience in civil engineering, construction, site management, health and safety and sales. This experience, together with a great working relationship means that we are best placed to deliver high quality products and service.

Excellent Value for Money

Steel framed buildings provide excellent value for money and this coupled with our incredibly hard work with supply chains to keep costs down and quality high, makes us a highly competitive prospect. Our approach is such that we keep our operational costs as low as we can so we can pass on the best value products to our customers.