Xffinity Pension Trust

CustomerXffinity Pension Trust
Building UsageOffice
ClientNu-Star Handling
LocationEdnaston, Derbyshire
Architect/ProjectPeter Eaton Associates
what we did...

Xffinity Pension Trust, operating within the commercial sector, sought to establish a new office space in Ednaston, Derbyshire. With Nu-Star Handling as the client and Peter Eaton Associates leading the project, Midbrook Steel Buildings was entrusted to design and construct a bespoke steel building to meet their requirements.

1. Design and Specification
Upon consultation with the project team, we devised a plan for a traditional hot rolled portal frame building. The design incorporated insulated cladding and an insulated sectional door to ensure optimal thermal efficiency and functionality. The building’s dimensions were specified at 18m span x 18m length with an eaves height of 5.5m, providing ample space for office operations.

2. Cladding Installation
Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied and fitted the exterior cladding, utilizing Kingspan KSRW1000 panels with core thickness options of 80mm and 115mm. This choice of cladding ensured robust insulation properties, contributing to a comfortable and energy-efficient working environment within the office space.

3. Collaboration and Coordination
Throughout the project, we maintained close collaboration with the architect, project team, and other stakeholders involved. This collaborative approach facilitated smooth execution and alignment with the client’s vision and requirements.

4. Completion and Handover
While Midbrook Steel Buildings handled the supply and installation of the exterior cladding, groundworks, and internal fit-out works were completed by other contractors as per the project specifications. The seamless integration of these components ensured the timely completion and handover of the steel building project to Xffinity Pension Trust.


The successful completion of the steel building project for Xffinity Pension Trust exemplifies Midbrook Steel Buildings’ commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our expertise in design, construction, and collaboration ensures that each project is executed with precision and efficiency, ultimately providing durable and functional spaces for our clients’ business operations.