Water Processing Steel Framed Building by Midbrook Steel Buildings

CustomerAlpha Construction
SectorFood And Drink
Building UsageWater Processing Building
LocationSouth Wales
Architect/ProjectClient design
what we did...

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we take great pride in collaborating with our valued clients to deliver exceptional steel building solutions that cater to their specific needs and industries. Recently, we had the privilege of partnering with Alpha Construction on an exciting project in South Wales – a Water Processing Building. In this case study, we are delighted to share the details of this challenging endeavour and demonstrate how we rose to the occasion, exceeding expectations with our expertise and dedication.

The Challenge

One of the key elements of this project was the tight timescale set by Alpha Construction. We understood the urgency and the importance of meeting their deadlines to keep the project on track. With our experience in handling time-sensitive projects, we were determined to deliver a seamless and efficient construction process, ensuring the Water Processing Building would be ready for its crucial role in the food and drink sector.

Subcontracted Civils Package

Alpha Construction entrusted us with a significant aspect of the project, and we took this responsibility seriously. As a subcontractor, we were tasked with providing a full civils package for the Water Processing Building. This included the design and construction of various essential components:

1. Concrete Raft Design for the Main Steel Building: The foundation is the backbone of any structure and for this Water Processing Building, we meticulously designed a robust concrete raft to support the main steel frame. The right foundation is critical to ensure the building’s stability and longevity, especially for a facility that would deal with water processing.

2. Drainage and Ducting Work: Efficient drainage and ducting are vital for smooth water management and processing operations. Our team carefully planned and installed a comprehensive drainage and ducting system, ensuring the facility would function optimally and meet all necessary regulatory standards.

3. Load Bearing Reinforced Slab for Tank Storage: Since the Water Processing Building would include tank storage, we needed to create a load-bearing reinforced slab capable of withstanding the weight of the tanks and their contents. Our engineers meticulously designed and constructed the slab to meet these demands, ensuring the safety and integrity of the structure.

Exceeding Expectations

Despite the challenging timeframe, our dedicated team of professionals worked tirelessly to execute each aspect of the project with precision and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations and the Water Processing Building in South Wales was no exception.

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