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Warehouse Replacement Steel Framed Building Project for Private Client

CustomerPrivate Client
Building UsageWarehouse
LocationFakenham, Norfolk
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

Midbrook Steel Buildings was approached by a private client in Fakenham, Norfolk, who needed to replace their burnt-out warehouse. The client initially hoped to utilise their existing cold rolled structure as a foundation for the new warehouse. However, due to the required span being too large for cold rolled steel and the weakness of the existing slab, an alternative solution was necessary.

Design and Construction

Recognising the limitations of the existing structure, the Midbrook team proposed a hot rolled steel framed building as a replacement for the warehouse. This solution offered the necessary strength and durability to accommodate the required span. To support the new steel building, a new pad foundation was designed and constructed. The existing concrete was repurposed as the warehouse floor, with Midbrook ensuring that it was cleaned and repaired where necessary to achieve a polished and professional finish.

Cladding and Insulation

While the steel frame building did not require classification as a heated structure, the client expressed a desire for a clean, tidy and condensation-free storage area. To meet this requirement, Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied 40mm of insulated cladding. This cladding provided thermal insulation and moisture control, creating an optimal environment for the client’s storage needs.

Challenges and Solutions

The main challenge faced in this project was the incompatibility between the client’s desired span and the limitations of the existing cold rolled structure. Midbrook Steel Buildings overcame this challenge by offering an alternative solution using hot rolled steel. The new pad foundation provided the necessary support, and repurposing the existing concrete as the warehouse floor minimised waste and reduced costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our client expressed high satisfaction with the outcome of the steel frame building project. Midbrook’s alternative solution not only addressed the technical challenges but also provided a high-quality and functional warehouse replacement. The clean and condensation-free storage area met the client’s specific requirements, ensuring their satisfaction with the final result.

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