Midbrook’s Successful Turnkey Steel Building Package for Poole Harbour Canoe Club

CustomerPoole Harbour Canoe Club
Building UsageCanoe Storage & Meeting Room
ClientPoole Harbour Canoe Club
Architect/ProjectAdam Covell
what we did...

When it comes to community-oriented projects, few things are as rewarding as contributing to a place that fosters outdoor activities and brings people together. One such project that we, at Midbrook Steel Buildings, had the privilege to be a part of was for the Poole Harbour Canoe Club. This case study highlights how we successfully delivered a bespoke steel framed building, meeting the specific needs of the club and enhancing their canoe storage and meeting room facilities. Let’s dive into the details of this fulfilling venture!

Poole Harbour Canoe Club

Nestled along the picturesque Poole Harbour, the Poole Harbour Canoe Club is more than just a canoeing venue; it’s a vibrant hub where water enthusiasts come together to paddle, socialise and promote outdoor activities. With an ever-growing number of members and activities, they realised the need for a new facility to store their canoes securely and provide a comfortable space for meetings and gatherings.

The Vision: A Bespoke Steel Building

Enter Midbrook Steel Buildings, renowned for our expertise in designing and constructing steel framed buildings. We were thrilled when the Poole Harbour Canoe Club approached us to undertake this exciting project. Their vision was clear: a custom-designed steel building with specific features to cater to their needs. Working alongside the club and architect Adam Covell, we took on the challenge of bringing their vision to life.

Tailored to Perfection

The first step in our journey was to create a tailored design that would optimise the available space and cater to the club’s unique requirements. The dimensions of the steel building were approximately 8 meters by 21 meters, providing ample room for canoe storage and a meeting room. Additionally, we incorporated a full-length mezzanine floor to make the most of the vertical space, offering extra room for storage and various club activities.

Steel Building Project Execution and Success

With the design finalised and materials carefully sourced, we commenced the construction process, managing the steel building project from start to finish. Throughout the construction, we maintained open lines of communication with the Poole Harbour Canoe Club, providing regular progress updates and promptly addressing any concerns.

The steel building project was completed efficiently and within the agreed-upon timeframe, leaving the club with a state-of-the-art steel building that perfectly aligned with their vision.

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