South Ribble Borough Council Chooses Turnkey Steel Building Package for Maintenance Building

CustomerSouth Ribble Borough Council
SectorLocal Authority
Building UsageMaintenance Building
LocationLeyland, Lancashire
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design JCT Minor Works Contract
what we did...

South Ribble Borough Council, a local authority based in Leyland, Lancashire, recently embarked on a significant project to construct a new maintenance steel building for their parks. To ensure a seamless and efficient process, they opted for a turnkey steel building package offered by Midbrook Steel Buildings, known for our expertise in delivering comprehensive steel building solutions. Let’s delve into the details of this successful collaboration.

Project Overview

The task at hand was to design and construct a state-of-the-art maintenance steel framed building to accommodate the council’s parks equipment, ensuring smooth operations for maintaining the city’s green spaces. This involved not only the main structure but also various ancillary components, making it a comprehensive undertaking.

A Comprehensive Solution

Midbrook Steel Buildings rose to the challenge and presented a comprehensive turnkey package that met all the project’s requirements. The package included the following key elements:

1. Design of the New Parks Maintenance Steel Building: Midbrook’s expert team designed a tailor-made steel building that catered specifically to the council’s needs. This ensured the optimal utilisation of space and efficient workflow within the maintenance facility.

2. Concrete Raft Foundation: A strong and stable foundation is crucial for any structure. Midbrook ensured the installation of a concrete raft foundation that provided the necessary support for the maintenance building, guaranteeing its longevity and durability.

3. Relocation of Steel Storage Bays: As part of the project, Midbrook handled the relocation of existing steel storage bays to make way for the new facility seamlessly. This required careful planning and execution to minimise disruptions.

4. Installation of Palisade Fencing: Security is a top priority for any facility, and the maintenance building was no exception. Midbrook installed palisade fencing around the premises, enhancing protection and safety.

5. Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Works: To ensure the maintenance building was fully functional, Midbrook undertook all the necessary M&E works. This included installing utilities, lighting, ventilation and other essential systems.

6. Fire Protection: Safety is paramount, and Midbrook didn’t overlook this aspect. We incorporated fire protection measures within the steel building to adhere to safety regulations and safeguard the council’s assets.

Smooth Execution & Timely Delivery

Thanks to our expertise and experience, Midbrook Steel Buildings executed all aspects of the project seamlessly. The dedicated team adhered to the JCT Minor Works Contract and completed the entire package within the agreed-upon timeframe. South Ribble Borough Council was delighted with the efficiency and quality of the construction, which met their expectations and needs.

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