Timber Clad Steel Framed Building

Timber Clad Steel Building for Collyers Nurseries

CustomerCollyers Nurseries
Building UsageCoffee Shop
ClientCollyers Nurseries
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Midbrook Steel Buildings Delivers Eye-Catching and Cost-Effective Design for Collyers Nurseries

Collyers Nurseries, a garden centre located on the outskirts of Derby, approached Midbrook Steel Buildings for our expertise in steel building solutions. They wanted an eye-catching and cost-effective design for their new venture, and after being recommended by one of Midbrook's previous clients, they chose to work with the company.

Collyers Nurseries required a steel building that would fit their specifications and be visually appealing to attract customers. They wanted a natural look to their building, and after discussing their needs we were able to offer a solution that would meet their requirements.

Midbrook Steel Buildings proposed a steel stud and track framing system, which allowed for a strong, durable and cost-effective design. The dimensions of the steel building were approximately 8m x 18m and the client chose a natural horizontal larch cladding for the exterior. Midbrook's scope of work included groundworks and drainage, main steel frame, insulated roof cladding, timber wall cladding, and internal insulation and plasterboarding. The remaining internal work was carried out by others.

Midbrook Steel Buildings started the project by first excavating and preparing the site for the new building. The main steel frame was then erected, followed by the installation of the insulated roof cladding, timber wall cladding, and internal insulation and plasterboarding. The building was completed within the agreed timeline, and Collyers Nurseries were very pleased with the finished product.

The completed steel building provided Collyers Nurseries with an attractive and cost-effective solution that met their requirements. The natural horizontal larch cladding gave the building a natural and rustic look, making it more appealing to potential customers. Midbrook Steel Buildings' expertise and professionalism ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget, resulting in a satisfied customer.

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