Timber Clad Offices

The immense reputation that Midbrook Steel Buildings have managed to forge is largely down to the ability to supply a magnificent array of timber clad buildings, constructed using galvanised cold rolled steel frames instead of timber systems. In addition, Midbrook can also offer steel stud and track systems that work well with timber clad exteriors.

Steel buildings are incredibly durable and environmentally friendly, not to mention cheap to maintain and keep warm. The build cost is but a fraction of more traditional constructions, which make steel buildings an attractive proposition to schools, community ventures and sports clubs, whose funding may be restricted. The timber cladding will provide a stunning aesthetic and often help the building blend in with its surroundings.

The Midbrook range of timber clad buildings have been taken up by a wide range of customers for use for offices, storage, barns and trade counters. The list of suitable applications is vast. We are able to supply fully insulated steel buildings, complete with exterior cladding systems and KSRW1000 panel roofing.

Midbrook timber clad buildings are increasing in popularity, especially among clients with planning constraints and those who prefer the aesthetic of a timber clad building. The range of finishes to choose from is impressive and popular choices include cedar, larch and thermowood clad. These can be applied either vertically or horizontally. We are always happy to advise and consult to help you come up with the best design for your own requirements.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our dedicated sales team.

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Excellent Levels of Service

Midbrook Steel Buildings always ensure that we strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellent levels of service. Our goal is always to go above and beyond to surpass customer expectations in every way, from design through to end result as well as customer service. We always ensure that we communicate clearly with our customers and ensure that deadlines and budgets are met.

A Committed Team Eager to Please

Our team is small, consistent motivated and dedicated to the maintenance of high standards. We have an enormous combined experience in civil engineering, construction, site management, health and safety and sales. This experience, together with a great working relationship means that we are best placed to deliver high quality products and service.

Excellent Value for Money

Steel-framed buildings provide excellent value for money and this coupled with our incredibly hard work with supply chains to keep costs down and quality high, makes us a highly competitive prospect. Our approach is such that we keep our operational costs as low as we can so we can pass on the best value products to our customers.