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Agricultural Structure Transforms into a Storage Steel Frame Building

CustomerCommercial/Industrial Equipment Supplier
Building UsageStorage
LocationNorth East
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and a commercial/industrial equipment supplier in the North East. The customer approached Midbrook with the challenge of converting an existing agricultural structure into a storage facility to accommodate their growing business needs.


The customer needed additional storage space for their expanding commercial and industrial equipment business. Instead of constructing a new building from scratch, they wanted to utilise their existing agricultural structure and transform it into a functional workshop.


Midbrook’s expert team took on the challenge and devised a solution to repurpose the agricultural structure. They erected a new steel frame structure, seamlessly integrating it with the existing concrete walls. To enhance the building’s functionality and aesthetics, the team cladded the walls and roof. Additionally, the steel frame building was insulated to create a comfortable working environment.


The customer expressed satisfaction with the final outcome of the storage steel building. The transformed structure provided the much-needed space for their expanding business operations. The successful collaboration has also fostered a positive relationship, as the customer is already considering future projects with Midbrook Steel Buildings.

Midbrook – Experts in Steel Frame Buildings

We’re proud of our brilliant team at Midbrook Steel Buildings for showcasing our expertise in repurposing existing structures by successfully transforming an agricultural building into a storage steel framed building facility. This case study demonstrates our ability to meet specific client requirements and deliver high-quality, customised steel frame building solutions. Whether clients require renovations or entirely new constructions, we offer bespoke services to cater to their needs. For further information, interested parties can contact Midbrook at 01335 370128 or click here for a quote.

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