Car Collection Steel Framed Storage Building

CustomerPrivate Client
SectorPrivate Client
Building UsageCar Storage
LocationMilton Keynes
what we did...
Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted to provide all related groundworks/brickwork including driveway, reinforced raft, drainage and ducting work. The building constructed was a steel framed timber cladding 4 door garage with a black horizontal larch cladding. The main doors were supplied by others.

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Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted by a private client in Milton Keynes to construct a custom steel framed building for car storage. This case study showcases the expertise of Midbrook Steel Buildings in providing comprehensive turnkey packages resulting in a steel framed timber cladding garage tailored to the client’s requirements.

The private client approached Midbrook Steel Buildings with the specific need for a car storage facility. With their expertise in steel construction, Midbrook Steel Buildings was well-equipped to deliver a customised solution that would meet the client’s expectations.

Midbrook Steel Buildings took charge of all related groundworks and brickwork, ensuring a solid foundation for the car storage facility. This included the construction of the driveway, reinforced raft and the implementation of drainage and ducting systems. By providing these essential services, Midbrook Steel Buildings created the necessary infrastructure to support the construction of the steel-framed timber cladding garage.

The garage was designed as a steel-framed structure with timber cladding. The choice of black horizontal larch cladding added a stylish and contemporary aesthetic to the building. The garage featured four doors, providing ample space for car storage. While the main doors were supplied by others, Midbrook Steel Buildings seamlessly integrated them into the overall design and construction of the building.

The successful completion of the project was a result of collaboration between the private client, Midbrook Steel Buildings, and the architect. Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in groundworks and brickwork, coupled with their experience in steel construction, allowed them to deliver a high-quality car storage facility that met the client’s requirements. The project was executed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to providing a reliable and functional structure.

The collaboration between the private client and Midbrook Steel Buildings resulted in the successful construction of a custom steel framed building for car storage. Midbrook Steel Buildings’ comprehensive groundworks and brickwork services laid the foundation for a sturdy and well-designed garage. The steel-framed timber cladding, combined with the black horizontal larch cladding, added visual appeal to the structure. With their expertise and dedication to quality, Midbrook Steel Buildings continues to be a trusted provider of custom steel buildings. Whether for car storage or other construction projects, clients can rely on Midbrook Steel Buildings for a comprehensive and professional service. Contact Midbrook Steel Buildings today to discuss your project and experience their expertise firsthand.