Midbrook Delivers Steel-Framed Building Solution for Live Nation (Music) UK Limited

CustomerLive Nation (Music) UK Limited
Building UsageVenue Storage Facility
ClientUtilita Arena Sheffield
LocationSheffield, South Yorkshire
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Live Nation (Music) UK Limited, a key player in the entertainment sector, found themselves in need of a dependable storage solution for their venue, Utilita Arena Sheffield, located in South Yorkshire. Faced with budgetary considerations, they embarked on a search for a cost-effective yet resilient option to meet their storage requirements. Opting for Midbrook Steel Buildings, they chose our steel-framed building solution to provide the durability and functionality they required, ensuring their storage needs were met efficiently and economically.


The steel building project encountered several challenges, including financial limitations and the necessity to adhere to a pre-approved planning application for a more expensive structure. Additionally, the site presented restrictive access and a sloping concrete slab prepared by other parties, posing logistical hurdles to the construction process.


Midbrook Steel Buildings stepped in to provide an innovative solution tailored to Live Nation’s requirements. Leveraging our expertise in steel frame buildings, we proposed a design that not only met the client’s budget constraints but also aligned with the existing planning application, facilitating a seamless transition to our building design.


Our skilled team of erectors worked diligently to overcome the challenges posed by the site conditions. Despite the restrictive access and sloping concrete slab, we executed the construction process with precision and efficiency. Through planning and effective coordination, we delivered a strong, robust, and durable storage facility that met the client’s expectations.


The collaboration between Live Nation (Music) UK Limited and Midbrook Steel Buildings resulted in the successful completion of a cost-effective storage solution for Utilita Arena Sheffield. By adapting our steel-framed building design to the client’s needs and addressing the site-specific challenges, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality steel framed buildings that exceed expectations.


This project highlights our ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients in the commercial sector. Through collaboration, adaptability, and expertise in steel frame construction, we continue to drive excellence in the industry, delivering projects that meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers.