Steel Framed Building Project: Paint Spray Booth

CustomerCapital Compactors
Building UsagePaint Spray Booth
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Capital Compactors are a waste & recycling compactors and balers manufacturing company that needed a new steel framed building to expand their operations.

The project goal was to design, plan, and construct a steel framed building for our client's expanding operations.

Design and Construction Details:
Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted to design, plan, and construct the steel framed building for the client's operations. The scope of work included the submission of planning applications on behalf of the client and the submission of building control. Midbrook Steel Buildings was responsible for the entire project from start to finish.

The construction process began with the preparation of the site, including the excavation and construction of a reinforced concrete raft, which included a 3m square pit. This provided a stable foundation for the building, which was critical for the safety and stability of the structure.

Next, Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied and installed the steelwork and insulated cladding. The steelwork was carefully designed and installed to provide a strong and durable framework for the building. The insulated cladding was chosen for its excellent insulation properties, which would help to keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer.

The internal work involved the installation of internal blockwork, fireboarding, and first and second fix joinery. The internal blockwork provided additional support for the building, while the fireboarding was critical for ensuring the safety of the occupants. The first and second fix joinery involved the installation of doors, windows, and other fixtures and fittings.

Throughout the project, Midbrook Steel Buildings ensured that all work was carried out to the highest standards of safety and quality. The company worked closely with the client to ensure that the project was delivered on time and within budget.

The completed steel framed building provided the client with a modern and efficient space for their expanding operations. The building was designed and constructed to meet all relevant building codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and well-being of the occupants.

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