grey clad steel-framed building

Revisiting a 2019 Steel-Framed Building Project: Home Office and ‘Man Cave’ Journey

CustomerPrivate Client
Building Usage'Man Cave' / Home Office
LocationEast Ayrshire, Scotland
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
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For over twenty years, Midbrook Steel Buildings has been a premier provider of steel-framed buildings in the UK. Our projects range from industrial complexes to bespoke personal spaces, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. This case study highlights a unique project completed in 2019, showcasing our expertise and the enduring quality of our structures. This steel-framed building, designed as a ‘man cave’ and home office, remains as impressive and functional today as the day it was installed.


Project Overview

In 2019, Midbrook Steel Buildings embarked on a project to design, supply, and install a new steel-framed building. This building was intended to serve dual purposes: a cosy ‘man cave’ and a functional home office. Here are the specifications of the project:

– Dimensions: 8m wide x 17m long x 2.5m eaves
– Roof Pitch: 35 degrees
– Mezzanine Floor: Full size with 38mm chipboard
– Windows:
 – Roof: 1 Velux window
   – Upper Floor: 1 UPVC window
   – Window Finish: Oak on the outside, white on the inside, fully opening
   – Insulated Cladding: 40mm for roof and walls
– Doors: Openings for 3 sliding doors (installation by others)
– Additional Features: Concrete base, spiral staircase, and sliding doors (provided by others)

Design and Installation

Custom Design

One of the hallmarks of Midbrook Steel Buildings is our ability to tailor our designs to the exact needs of our clients. This project required a versatile space that could serve as both a leisure area and a productive workspace. Our design team worked closely with the client to ensure every detail met their requirements, from the dimensions and roof pitch to the type and placement of windows.

Installation Process

The installation process was seamless and efficient, highlighting our commitment to quality and precision. The steel-framed building was erected with careful attention to detail, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. The mezzanine floor, a significant feature of this project, was constructed using 38mm chipboard, providing a robust and reliable space for the upper level.

Materials and Features

Steel Frame

The steel frame is the backbone of this building, offering unmatched durability and strength. Steel is known for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist pests, making it an ideal material for long-lasting structures.

Windows and Doors

The building features a Velux window on the roof and a UPVC window on the upper floor, allowing for ample natural light and ventilation. The oak finish on the outside of the UPVC window adds a touch of elegance, while the white interior ensures a bright and clean look inside. Openings were made for three sliding doors, facilitating easy access and enhancing the building’s functionality.

Post-Installation Visit

Three years after the project’s completion, we had the pleasure of revisiting the site. We found the structure to be in excellent condition, with all features functioning as intended. This revisit underscored the durability and reliability of Midbrook’s steel buildings, affirming our commitment to quality.

Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal

One of Midbrook’s defining features is our exceptional versatility in design. Our steel-framed buildings are crafted to cater to various needs and preferences, from practical home offices to cosy ‘man caves’ or ‘she sheds.’ We ensure our structures are always functional without compromising on aesthetic appeal.



The 2019 project by Midbrook Steel Buildings is a testament to our expertise in delivering high-quality, customised steel-framed buildings. The structure remains as impressive and functional today as when it was first installed, demonstrating our commitment to durability and client satisfaction. Whether you are looking to create a productive home office or a cosy personal retreat, Midbrook Steel Buildings offers the perfect solution, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.