Storage Steel Framed Building for Module AR

CustomerModule AR
Building UsageStorage Facility
ClientNetwork Rail
Architect/ProjectModule AR
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This case study showcases the successful collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Module AR, a company operating in the rail sector. Module AR required a steel framed building for their project with Network Rail in Slough. Facing a setback due to a last-minute cancellation by another steel building supplier, Module AR turned to Midbrook Steel Buildings for a prompt and reliable solution. This case study details how Midbrook Steel Buildings exceeded expectations by designing and constructing a high-quality steel building within a tight timeframe.

Customer Background

Module AR is a prominent company operating in the rail sector, specialising in providing innovative solutions for rail-related projects. In this case, they were working on a storage facility project for Network Rail, located in Slough.

Project Challenge

Module AR initially contracted an alternative steel building supplier to provide the necessary structure for their storage facility. However, they faced a significant setback when the supplier cancelled at the last minute, jeopardising the steel building’s project’s timeline and progress.

Midbrook Steel Buildings’ Response

Midbrook Steel Buildings responded swiftly to Module AR’s predicament, rising to the occasion and taking up the challenge to deliver the steel framed building within the required timeframe. Our commitment to meeting the project deadlines and providing a high-quality solution set us apart as the ideal steel building partner for Module AR.

Project Execution

Despite the tight schedule, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully designed and constructed a 12m x 20m x 6.5m steel framed building for Module AR. The steel building was expertly supplied and fitted within an impressive four-week timeframe, meeting the urgent needs of the project.

Features of the Steel Building

The completed steel building boasted key features to cater to Module AR’s requirements:

Fully Insulated Structure: Midbrook Steel Buildings ensured that the storage facility was fully insulated, providing protection from external weather conditions and contributing to improved energy efficiency.

Mezzanine Floor: The steel building included a mezzanine floor, strategically designed to maximise the storage space. The mezzanine floor was constructed with 38mm chipboard and accessible via stairs, adding to the steel building’s functionality.

Steel Building Project Outcome

Midbrook Steel Buildings‘ swift response and efficient execution led to a highly successful outcome for Module AR. The completed storage facility not only met all the necessary specifications but also surpassed Module AR’s expectations. The well-insulated and space-optimised steel framed building provided an ideal storage solution for their project with Network Rail in Slough.

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