steel building in between two buildings

Efficiently Maximising Storage Space with a New Steel Building

CustomerLong Eaton Appliance Company Ltd
Building UsageStorage
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Long Eaton Appliance Company Ltd required additional storage space for their growing business. They wanted to make the most efficient use of the space between their two existing buildings. Midbrook Steel Buildings was approached to design and construct a new two-story steel framed building, providing the necessary storage space while maximising the available area.


The biggest challenge for this project was to design a building that would fit into the narrow gap between the existing buildings. The space and access were limited and the building needed to be designed in a way that would not disrupt the daily operations of the business. Additionally, the building needed to be constructed quickly, so that Long Eaton Appliance Company could start using it as soon as possible.

Midbrook’s team of engineers and designers worked closely with Long Eaton Appliance Company to understand their requirements and develop a solution that would meet their needs. The team designed a two-story steel building that would fit perfectly into the available space. The building was designed to be fully functional and easy to access, with a high-quality finish that would match the existing buildings.

Midbrook provided all the necessary services for the project, including groundworks, cladding, drainage and the steelwork for the steel framed building. They also worked closely with the principal contractor to ensure the project was completed on time and to the highest standards.

The new steel framed building provided Long Eaton Appliance Company with the additional storage space they needed to support their growing business. They are now able to carry a wider range of stock, which will help increase their sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Long Eaton Appliance Company and Midbrook Steel Buildings has been a success. The new steel framed building has provided the additional storage space required by the business, enabling them to expand their range of products and services. Midbrook’s expertise in steel buildings and our ability to provide a full range of services made us the perfect partner for this project!