Steel-Framed Building & Groundworks for Bournemouth & Poole College

CustomerBournemouth & Poole College
Building UsageMarine Technology Centre
ClientBournemouth & Poole College
LocationNorth Road Campus Poole, Dorset
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Bournemouth & Poole College had big plans: they wanted to build a new Marine Technology Centre to teach students all about marine engineering. But they needed it ready promptly because the first batch of students was waiting to start their training. So, they turned to us, Midbrook Steel Buildings, for help. They knew we were experts at steel-framed buildings


We had a tight deadline of just four weeks to get everything sorted. It was a big challenge, but we were ready to take it on. First, we had to clear the site and lay down a strong foundation. Then, we had to put up the entire steel framed building in just three weeks! It was a race against time, but we were determined to meet the deadline and deliver a top-quality structure.

Our Approach

As soon as we got the green light, our team sprang into action. We wasted no time in clearing the site and getting the groundwork done. With everyone pulling together, we managed to lay a solid foundation within a week. Then, we focused all our efforts on building the main structure as quickly as possible. We knew we had to work fast, but we never compromised on safety or quality.


Day in and day out, our team worked tirelessly to stick to the tight schedule. We paid attention to every little detail, making sure each part of the building was strong and sturdy. Even though we were working against the clock, we made sure to follow all the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the steel framed building and everyone involved in the project.


Thanks to our hard work and dedication, we managed to finish the Marine Technology Centre right on schedule. It was a proud moment for us when we saw the steel building standing tall and ready to welcome the new batch of students. While other workers took care of the interior finishing touches, we made sure the exterior was perfect and ready to go.


Building the Marine Technology Centre for Bournemouth & Poole College was a real team effort, and we’re thrilled with the results. It just goes to show that Midbrook Steel Buildings can deliver top-quality steel structures quickly and efficiently. We’re proud to have played a part in providing the college with the space they need to train the next generation of marine engineers.