Midbrook Completes Steel Framed Building Project for Mechanical Services Ltd

We recently accomplished a noteworthy project for our client, Mechanical Services Ltd, in Portland, Dorset. The steel building project involved the design, construction, and installation of 5 bay steel framed storage facilities, along with overseeing groundworks and other essential elements.

Meeting All Requirements: Groundworks and Steel Framed Storage Facilities

The steel buildings project’s scope encompassed various crucial aspects, starting from the groundworks, which included floor foundations, drainage, ducting and outside yard preparation. The team at Midbrook Steel Buildings demonstrated our expertise in these fundamental stages, ensuring a solid foundation for the forthcoming steel framed buildings.

The 5 bay steel framed storage facilities were the central focus of the project. The Midbrook team, known for our precision and professionalism, took charge of erecting the new steel framed buildings, adhering to the highest construction standards and quality control measures.

Client Satisfaction and Tailored Solutions

Mechanical Services Ltd expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the project. The team at Midbrook ensured that the steel framed storage facilities perfectly matched the specific requirements of Mechanical Services Ltd. With the completion of this project, Mechanical Services Ltd now possesses a modern and efficient storage solution for their operational needs.

Future Projects and Bespoke Steel Frame Building Services

If your organisation is planning a similar project or needs a completely new building solution, Midbrook Steel Buildings offers its expert bespoke steel frame building services. With our wealth of experience and a dedicated team, we can handle projects of various sizes and complexities, delivering outstanding results every time.

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