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New Steel-Framed Building for Leading Appliances Company: Project Update

Midbrook Steel Buildings is delighted to share the latest development in our ongoing commitment to being the best in turnkey steel-framed buildings! Located in Bunny, Nottinghamshire, our team is hard at work bringing to life a steel-building project for a prominent online retailer specialising in kitchen appliances.


A Partnership for Progress

This steel building project marks a significant collaboration between Midbrook Buildings and a leading player in the online retail sector. Having previously entrusted us with their groundworks, it’s a testament to the quality of our work that they’ve returned for this expansion endeavour.

Solid Foundations, Strong Buildings 

At Midbrook Buildings, we understand that every project begins with a strong foundation. That’s why our current focus lies on laying the groundwork for a state-of-the-art storage facility. Equipped with steel-framed construction, this building is engineered for durability, efficiency, and longevity.¬†

Features Designed for Success

The new steel building boasts a range of features tailored to meet the specific needs of our client:

  • On-site Storage Solution: The introduction of the new steel building facilitates the seamless transition of off-site storage to an on-site location. This strategic move not only optimises logistical operations but also enhances accessibility and security.
  • Full Insulation: The steel building boasts comprehensive insulation throughout its structure ensuring consistent temperature regulation within the building, safeguarding sensitive inventory items from fluctuations in external weather conditions. By minimising heat transfer, the insulation contributes to energy savings, optimising the building’s environmental footprint and operational costs.
  • Incorporation of a Retaining Wall:¬†Due to several factors with the site, we have added a retaining wall to mitigate the risk of soil erosion and land movement, providing a stable foundation for the steel building and surrounding infrastructure.
  • Strong Floor Specifically Designed for Racking Support: Recognising the importance of efficient storage solutions, we have expertly engineered a reinforced flooring system tailored to accommodate heavy racking. The flooring is designed to withstand the weight of heavy-duty racking systems, ensuring optimal safety and stability for stored inventory.
  • Comprehensive Drainage Solutions: As part of our holistic approach to construction, we are not only providing drainage for the new building but also enhancing the existing site drainage infrastructure.

On Track for Success

With a projected timeline of 20 weeks, Midbrook Steel Buildings is committed to delivering results on time and within budget. Our dedicated team of experts is proud of the progress made thus far and remains focused on exceeding expectations every step of the way!

Your Vision, Our Expertise

If your business is considering a steel frame building expansion, Midbrook Buildings is here to turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our tailored solutions can unlock the full potential of your commercial space.


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