steel framed building Car Repair Workshop

Steel Framed Building for Car Repair Workshop

Building UsageCar Repair Workshop
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

This case study showcases a steel building project undertaken by Midbrook Steel Buildings, specialising in steel framed buildings, for the automotive sector. The objective was to construct a car repair workshop in Kent, with the architect and project management handled by Midbrook.

Project Requirements

Midbrook Steel Buildings was tasked with designing and constructing a car repair workshop, fulfilling the specific needs of the automotive sector.


Midbrook Steel Buildings provided a comprehensive solution for the project, including the planning application, groundworks and the construction of a fully insulated steel framed building. The facility featured two large roller-shutter doors and two personnel doors to cater to the workshop’s operational requirements.

Benefits of Steel Frame Buildings for the Automotive Sector

1. Robustness and Security: The steel frame ensured a durable and secure structure for the car repair workshop, safeguarding valuable automotive equipment and vehicles.

2. Insulation: The fully insulated design of the steel-framed building contributed to an optimal working environment, maintaining temperature control and energy efficiency.


The steel building project was executed as follows:

1. Initial Planning Application: Midbrook Steel Buildings took responsibility for submitting the planning application, ensuring compliance with local regulations and requirements.

2. Groundworks and Yard Area: As part of their comprehensive package, Midbrook Steel Buildings carried out the necessary groundworks and created an external yard area for the car repair workshop.

3. Steel Framed Building Construction: The construction process involved the precise assembly of the steel frame, along with the installation of the insulation, roller-shutter doors, and personnel doors.


Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully completed the construction of a steel framed building car repair workshop for the automotive sector in Kent. From planning applications to groundworks and construction, Midbrook Steel Buildings provided a comprehensive service, ensuring a durable, secure, and well-insulated facility.

If you require a steel framed building for your automotive business, whether it’s an MOT test building, valeting bay, body shop, or paint spraying booth, Midbrook Steel Buildings has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or call us on 01335 370128 for an informal chat.

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