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Steel Framed Building for Biomass Plant Room

Building UsageBiomass Plant Room
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This case study highlights a steel building project undertaken by Midbrook Steel Buildings for a client in the Pharmaceuticals sector. The client required a Biomass Plant Room in Goole and Midbrook Steel Buildings to provide a tailored solution to meet their needs.

Project Requirements

The client approached Midbrook Steel Buildings in need of a Biomass Plant Room for their pharmaceutical facility.


Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied and installed a mono pitch design insulated steel frame building, bespoke to accommodate the Biomass Plant Room requirements. The structure included openings specifically designed for necessary pipework, along with a double door for convenient access.


  • Strength and Robustness: The steel frame ensured a sturdy and reliable structure for the Biomass Plant Room, capable of withstanding the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Insulation: The insulated design of the steel frame contributed to maintaining optimum temperature and energy efficiency within the Biomass Plant Room.


Midbrook Steel Buildings executed the project through the following steps:

1. Consultation: Collaborative discussions were held with the client to understand their specific requirements and project goals.

2. Design and Engineering: Based on the client’s needs, Midbrook developed a mono pitch design insulated steel frame building, ensuring it met all necessary specifications.

3. Manufacturing and Construction: Midbrook Steel Buildings fabricated the steel components off-site with precision and quality control. The components were then transported to the location and installed by a dedicated construction team.

4. Finishing and Handover: Thorough inspections and quality checks were conducted to ensure the Biomass Plant Room was completed to the client’s satisfaction. The structure was then handed over for the client’s use.


Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully delivered a customised steel framed building Biomass Plant Room for their client in the Pharmaceuticals sector. The tailored design, robustness, and insulation of the structure fulfilled the client’s requirements for a reliable and energy-efficient facility.

This case study showcases Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in providing tailored solutions for diverse steel frame building projects. If you have a similar upcoming project and require a strong and robust steel framed building, Midbrook Steel Buildings is the perfect solution.

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