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Providing Steel Frame Buildings for Shepreth Wildlife Park for Over a Decade!

CustomerShepreth Wildlife Park
SectorWildlife Tourism
Building UsageMultiple Uses for Wildlife Park
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
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Midbrook Steel Buildings has been a trusted partner of Shepreth Wildlife Park for over a decade, providing high-quality steel-framed buildings to support their operations and enhance visitor experiences. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, Midbrook has delivered five steel buildings to the park, each tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.



Brown steel buildingSteel Buildings Project Overview

Over 11 years, Midbrook Steel Buildings has collaborated closely with Shepreth Wildlife Park on several key projects, demonstrating expertise in designing, fabricating, and erecting steel-framed structures. These projects include:

1. Giant Tortoise and Skunk House: Designed to accommodate the unique needs of giant tortoises and skunks, this steel-framed building provides a safe and comfortable habitat for these animals, ensuring their well-being and conservation.

2. Bugs & Reptiles Enclosure: Constructed with precision and attention to detail, the Bugs & Reptiles enclosure offers a controlled environment for various species of insects and reptiles, allowing visitors to observe them up close while maintaining their natural habitat.

3. New Education Centre: In line with Shepreth Wildlife Park’s commitment to education and outreach, Midbrook Steel Buildings delivered a state-of-the-art Education Centre, equipped with modern amenities and educational resources to facilitate learning and engagement for visitors of all ages.

4. Separate Toilet Block: Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied Shepreth Wildlife Park with a separate toilet block, ensuring convenience and comfort for park visitors while minimising environmental impact through sustainable design and construction practices.

5. Workshop Building (Surebuild Design): As part of ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure and operational efficiency, Midbrook Steel Buildings constructed a workshop building at Shepreth Wildlife Park, delivering a versatile and durable structure that met the park’s evolving needs.

Tiger at wildlife sanctuaryChallenges and Solutions

Throughout the collaboration, Midbrook Steel Buildings has demonstrated adaptability and problem-solving skills in overcoming various challenges, such as site constraints, regulatory requirements, and specific project specifications. By leveraging our expertise and experience in steel buildings, Midbrook has consistently delivered solutions that meet or exceed Shepreth Wildlife Park’s expectations, ensuring project success and customer satisfaction.

Future Collaboration

Looking ahead, Midbrook Steel Buildings is excited about the prospect of further collaboration with Shepreth Wildlife Park on upcoming steel building projects. With a deep understanding of the park’s needs and a shared commitment to conservation and sustainability, Midbrook is well-positioned to continue supporting Shepreth Wildlife Park’s mission and vision for years to come.



The partnership between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Shepreth Wildlife Park shows how industry knowledge and caring for the environment can work together successfully.

Through the delivery of innovative and sustainable steel-framed buildings, Midbrook has played a key role in enhancing the infrastructure and visitor experience at the park. As both organisations look towards the future, the foundation of trust and collaboration built over the years sets the stage for continued success and positive impact within the wildlife tourism sector!

About Shepreth Wildlife Park

Nestled in the heart of Cambridgeshire, Shepreth Wildlife Park stands as a beacon of conservation and education within the UK. Established in 1979, the park has grown from humble beginnings into a vital sanctuary for over 100 different species, ranging from majestic big cats to tiny amphibians, spanning over 12 acres of greenery. With a mission to promote wildlife conservation and environmental awareness, the park engages visitors of all ages through immersive exhibits, educational programs, and conservation initiatives.

Visitors are treated to a unique opportunity to witness animals in carefully curated habitats designed to mimic their natural environments, from the playful antics of otters in their riverside enclosure to the serene beauty of butterflies fluttering through the tropical Butterfly House. Beyond its role as a sanctuary for wildlife, Shepreth Wildlife Park is deeply committed to community engagement and outreach, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy towards all living creatures.

In its ongoing journey towards sustainability and excellence, Shepreth Wildlife Park has found a loyal partner in Midbrook Steel Buildings. As Shepreth Wildlife Park continues to evolve and inspire generations to come, Midbrook extends its support and wishes the charity continued success.