Steel Frame Building Storage in Leicester

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Here at Midbrook Steel Buildings, we had the privilege of working with a large blue-chip company in Leicester, renowned for its prominence in the industrial sector. The client’s need for additional storage space prompted them to seek a reliable and experienced partner to deliver a tailor-made steel building solution that would meet their specific requirements.

Project Scope and Challenges

The client approached Midbrook Steel Buildings with a clear vision of their storage needs. The primary objective was to construct a steel framed building that provided ample space for storing a wide range of industrial goods and equipment. The building design had to be versatile, ensuring easy access and efficient utilisation of space.

The project presented several challenges, including:

1. Site Preparation: The construction site required comprehensive groundworks to create a level and stable foundation for the steel building.

2. Drainage and Security: The building needed efficient drainage systems to prevent water accumulation during adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the client emphasised the importance of external security measures to safeguard their valuable assets.

3. Roller Shutter Doors and PA Doors: The steel frame building required multiple access points, including large roller shutter doors for loading and unloading heavy machinery and PA doors for pedestrian access.

Midbrook Steel Buildings’ Solution

As a trusted name in the construction industry, Midbrook Steel Buildings embraced the challenge and provided a comprehensive solution to meet the client’s storage needs. Our experienced team collaborated closely with the client to create a design that perfectly aligned with their requirements and preferences.

Here’s what we did:

1. Groundworks: Midbrook’s groundworks team meticulously prepared the site, ensuring a solid and stable foundation for the steel-framed building. The level platform provided a secure base for the structure and facilitated the smooth construction process.

2. Drainage and External Security: We integrated a robust drainage system, efficiently channelling rainwater away from the building, protecting it from potential water damage. To enhance security, we installed state-of-the-art measures, providing peace of mind for the client regarding the safety of their stored items.

3. Roller Shutter Doors and PA Doors: Our team expertly installed large roller shutter doors, offering easy access for transporting heavy machinery and large goods. Additionally, strategically placed PA doors allowed convenient pedestrian entry and exit.


Midbrook Steel Buildings‘ collaboration with the esteemed blue-chip company in Leicester exemplified our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. The successful completion of this steel building storage project reinforced our reputation for excellence, reliability, and client satisfaction.