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Midbrook’s Steel Frame Building Expansion: Scaddows Farm Groundworks Update

Prepping for steel buildingMidbrook Steel Buildings, leaders in the steel frame building and groundworks sector, is proud to announce the latest developments at Scaddows Farm. Our team is currently expanding the vineyard and farm shop with a steel frame building. Here’s a quick update on how we’re getting on!


Groundworks close upGroundworks Progress

The groundworks at Scaddows Farm are well underway, with thorough attention to detail ensuring a robust foundation for the upcoming steel building installation phase. From site preparation to expert excavation and drainage installation, each step is executed with care to guarantee the durability and stability of the new steel-framed building.


Steel Frame Building AdvantagesGroundworks by Midbrook

Steel buildings boast numerous advantages, including unmatched strength, longevity, and adaptability. With steel’s inherent resistance to pests, fire, and adverse weather conditions, the upcoming extension at Scaddows Farm is set to endure the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements.

Groundworks farmJoin the Midbrook Journey

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