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Steel Building Storage Solution for Expanding Business, Appliance City: The Journey So Far

Today, we had the pleasure of visiting our client, Appliance City, a thriving online retailer of kitchen appliances based in Bunny, Nottinghamshire. Our objective was to finalise details and ensure everything is on track for the completion of their new steel building extension, aiming for complete client satisfaction. This also involved addressing site improvements such as tidying up the surrounding area, enhancing drainage, and completing hard landscaping.

We’d love to share the progress of this exciting project.


Embracing Growth and Expansion

Appliance City’s exponential growth demanded a solution to accommodate their expanding inventory. This led to the collaboration with Midbrook Buildings for a bespoke steel building extension. The project scope was comprehensive, including everything from groundworks and concrete bases to the intricate steel structure that will house their valuable stock.

Seamless Collaboration and Expertise

Throughout the project, our dedicated team, including steel erectors and groundworks specialists, have diligently executed every detail to a high standard. We’re delighted with the feedback from Appliance City, which underscores their confidence in our team’s expertise and their appreciation for our accommodating approach throughout the process.

Steel Building Specifications

In case you were interested in the finer details:

  • Width: 22 metres
  • Length: 34 metres
  • Eaves Height: 5.2 metres
  • Ridge Height: 7.294 metres
  • Roof Type: Dual Pitched

These specifications were carefully chosen to meet Appliance City’s current needs and provide flexibility for future expansions.

We must highlight that overcoming the challenge of integrating the extension within the constraints of the existing buildings put us through our paces, but our fantastic team successfully rose to the occasion!

A Glimpse into the Journey

From the initial stages to the present moment, we’ve documented the project’s progress. Each photo captures how the project has evolved, and it has been a joy to see it come to life!


Looking Ahead

As we near the completion of this steel-framed building project, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Appliance City. Their collaboration and cordiality have made this journey a true pleasure. We’re excited to see the final results and are confident that this new facility will support Appliance City’s continued success in delivering exceptional service to their customers.

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