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Steel Building Storage Facility for RHF Fans Ltd – Meeting Urgent Storage Needs

CustomerRHF Fans Ltd
Building UsageStorage
ClientRHF Fans
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design & Build
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In this case study, we explore Midbrook Steel Buildings‘ successful collaboration with RHF Fans Ltd in constructing a steel building storage facility. With an urgent requirement for additional covered storage space at their premises in Manchester, RHF Fans Ltd turned to our team for a prompt and efficient solution. This case study highlights our ability to swiftly deliver a high-quality steel building tailored to our client’s specifications.

Client Background and Urgent Storage Needs

RHF Fans Ltd, an industrial company specialising in fans and ventilation systems, faced a pressing need for additional storage capacity at their Manchester site. Recognising the importance of having a reliable and secure storage facility, they reached out to Midbrook Steel Buildings for a prompt resolution to their storage challenges.

Project Scope and Execution

Understanding the urgency of the project, the Midbrook team immediately began working on constructing and erecting the steel building on RHF Fans Ltd’s existing concrete yard area. The steel structure was designed with dimensions of 15m span x 30m x 4.5m to the eaves, providing ample space for their storage requirements. To ensure durability and protection, the steel building was clad with a single skin cladding.

Efficiency and Timely Completion

Given the time-sensitive nature of RHF Fans Ltd’s storage needs, our team was dedicated to delivering the project swiftly and efficiently. With our expertise in steel construction and project management, we completed the construction process within an impressive 2-week period. The successful and timely completion of the project is a testament to the expertise and commitment of the Midbrook team.

Meeting Expansion and Relocation Needs

Midbrook Steel Buildings is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of businesses seeking expansion or relocation. Our steel building solutions provide customisable and robust storage facilities that can be tailored to specific requirements. Whether it’s for additional storage space, warehouse expansion or a complete relocation, our dedicated steel building experts are ready to assist you.


The collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and RHF Fans Ltd showcases our ability to swiftly deliver high-quality steel building storage facilities to meet urgent storage needs. With our expertise in steel framed buildings and efficient project management, we provided RHF Fans Ltd with a durable and secure storage solution that perfectly matched their requirements.

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