Midbook’s Steel Building’s Scout Hut Solution for Mile Oak Sea Scouts

CustomerMile Oak Sea Scouts
Building UsageScout Headquarters
ClientMile Oak Sea Scouts
Architect/ProjectNot applicable
what we did...

In the heart of Tamworth, the Mile Oak Sea Scouts have been a thriving part of the local community for years, providing young members with exciting outdoor experiences and valuable life skills. To enhance their operations and create a dedicated space for their activities, the Scout group sought the expertise of Midbrook Steel Buildings. This case study showcases how we successfully delivered a cost-effective steel building solution, meeting the specific requirements of the Mile Oak Sea Scouts’ headquarters.

Customer Background: Mile Oak Sea Scouts

The Mile Oak Sea Scouts are renowned for their commitment to nurturing young minds through adventurous water-based activities. Their existing facilities needed an upgrade to accommodate the growing number of enthusiastic members and to provide a functional space for their various scout programs.

Midbrook’s Steel Building Solution

With a deep understanding of the Mile Oak Sea Scouts’ needs, we embarked on providing a comprehensive steel building solution that catered to their requirements.

Reinforced Insulated Slab and Drainage – We initiated the project by designing a robust reinforced insulated slab, ensuring a solid base for the new steel building. Proper drainage was also integrated to prevent any water-related issues in the future.

7m x 21m x 2.4m Steel Building – The steel building was custom-designed to measure 7 meters by 21 meters, with an eaves height of 2.4 meters. This layout provided ample room for the Sea Scouts to conduct their activities efficiently.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation – To achieve the desired energy efficiency, we incorporated full insulation throughout the building. This ensured a comfortable indoor environment and minimized energy consumption.

Internal Joinery and Masonry Work –  Recognizing the importance of functionality and aesthetics, we included internal joinery and masonry work to enhance the building’s interior.

Planning Consent Compliance – Before commencing the construction, we diligently assisted the Sea Scouts in meeting all the planning consent requirements, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

Execution and Success

Once all the necessary preparations were completed, our team commenced the construction phase. Midbrook’s experienced professionals ensured that every step of the process was meticulously executed, adhering to high-quality standards.

The steel building project was completed within the agreed timeframe, providing the Mile Oak Sea Scouts with their ideal headquarters, perfectly tailored to their needs.

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