Steel Building Solution for Chemical Storage

Building UsageChemical Storage & Offices
Architect/ProjectClient Led
what we did...

Midbrook Steel Buildings took on the challenge of revolutionising chemical storage facilities in Cambridge. With a focus on providing a comprehensive steel building solution, Midbrook embarked on a journey to enhance the safety, functionality, and efficiency of chemical storage for our client.


The Challenge

Our client required a complete overhaul of their chemical storage infrastructure. Safety regulations, space utilisation, and operational efficiency were key concerns. They sought a steel buildings partner who could deliver a turnkey solution that not only met their requirements but also exceeded industry standards.

Solution Provided by Midbrook Steel Buildings

Midbrook Steel Buildings stepped up to the challenge with a holistic approach to the turnkey steel building project. The following steps were taken to address the client’s needs:

Comprehensive Consultation: Midbrook initiated the steel building project with thorough consultations to understand the client’s specific requirements, regulatory obligations, and operational challenges.

Customised Design: Leveraging our expertise in steel building construction, the Midbrook team tailored a design that optimised space utilisation, ensured safety compliance, and provided a conducive environment for chemical storage and office operations.

Turnkey Package: Midbrook provided a complete turnkey solution, covering all aspects of the project, including groundworks & drainage, mezzanine installation, flooring, handrails and escape stairs, insulated cladding, and roller shutter doors.

Quality Materials: Midbrook utilised high-quality steel and insulation materials to guarantee durability, weather resistance, and thermal efficiency, crucial for storing chemicals safely.

Attention to Detail: Every aspect of the project, from structural integrity to finishing touches, was meticulously planned and executed to meet the highest standards.


The collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and the client resulted in a transformative outcome for the chemical storage facility in Cambridge:

Enhanced Safety: The new infrastructure provided a secure environment for storing chemicals, meeting stringent safety regulations and mitigating potential risks.

Improved Efficiency: Optimised space utilisation and streamlined workflows improved operational efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Modernised Infrastructure: The sleek design and advanced features of the steel building added a contemporary touch to the facility, aligning it with industry standards.

Client Satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the seamless execution of the project, praising Midbrook Steel Buildings for our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering excellence.



Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully transformed the chemical storage facilities in Cambridge, setting a benchmark for safety, efficiency, and quality in the industry. By providing a comprehensive steel building solution tailored to the client’s needs, Midbrook reaffirmed its position as a trusted partner in construction projects.