rose hill school

Rose Hill School – Cost-Effective Steel Building Solution

CustomerRose Hill School
SectorPrivate Education
Building UsageGround-staff Machinery store and welfare facilities
LocationTunbridge Wells, Kent
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Rose Hill School, located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, required a functional and budget-friendly building to house their ground-staff machinery and provide welfare facilities. The school’s bursar, responsible for procurement, sought an alternative to traditional construction that would meet their needs without excessive costs.


The primary challenge was to find a cost-effective solution that offered both functionality and durability for the machinery storage and welfare facilities. The school needed a structure that could be constructed within a reasonable timeframe while adhering to budgetary constraints.


Midbrook Steel Buildings, a proudly recognised name in innovative steel buildings, was directly approached by the school bursar. Recognising the need for a solution that balanced functionality and affordability, the Midbrook team took a proactive approach to address the project’s requirements.

1. Consultation and Site Appraisal: Our team here at Midbrook conducted a thorough site appraisal to understand the unique requirements and constraints of the steel building project. This initial step laid the foundation for tailoring a suitable solution.

2. Client Engagement: To build confidence in the proposed solution, Midbrook arranged for the client to visit a similar completed project. This hands-on experience played a crucial role in convincing the client of the viability and benefits of Midbrook’s insulated steel galvanized portal frame structure.

3. Customised Design: Our design team developed a plan that incorporated the specific needs of Rose Hill School. The structure was optimised for efficient machinery storage and included essential welfare facilities.

4. Construction Package: Midbrook’s comprehensive construction package encompassed various aspects:

  • Reinforced Concrete Raft: A reinforced concrete foundation was designed and constructed to provide a stable base for the steel building.
  • Steel Building Assembly: Midbrook supplied and expertly installed the insulated steel galvanized portal frame structure. The design included strategically placed windows for natural lighting, rollershutter doors for convenient machinery access and access doors for personnel.

    5. Project Execution: With a well-defined plan in place, Midbrook commenced construction. Their skilled team ensured that the project progressed smoothly and efficiently.


The collaboration between Rose Hill School and Midbrook Steel Buildings led to the successful completion of the steel building project. The key outcomes were:

  • Functionality: The constructed building provided efficient storage for ground-staff machinery and well-designed welfare facilities, meeting the school’s operational needs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Midbrook’s approach significantly reduced costs compared to traditional construction methods, offering a cost-effective yet robust solution.
  • Timely Completion: The project was completed within the stipulated timelines, minimising disruptions to the school’s activities.
  • Client Satisfaction: The school’s bursar expressed satisfaction with the quality of the structure, the construction process, and the overall collaboration with Midbrook Steel Buildings.


The Rose Hill School case study exemplifies how innovative construction approaches, tailored designs, and efficient project management can result in a successful outcome. Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in creating cost-effective and functional steel structures proved to be the ideal solution for Rose Hill School’s ground-staff machinery storage and welfare facility needs. This collaboration not only met the school’s requirements but also showcased the potential of modern construction techniques in the education sector.