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New Steel Frame Building Project with Kendal Nutricare

steel building for food manufacturer In a significant development for Kendal Nutricare, a leading British manufacturer specialising in nutrition products, the company has sought the expertise of Midbrook Steel Buildings to construct multiple new steel frame buildings for their rapidly growing business. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for Kendal Nutricare, as they aim to expand their operations to meet the increasing demand for their products. With the first steel building already underway, Midbrook Steel Buildings is proud to be associated with this project and is eager to commence work on the remaining structures.

Building the First Steel Frame Building

Midbrook Steel Buildings has made commendable progress on-site at Kendal Nutricare with the construction of the initial steel building. Designed as an evaporator building, this vertical structure boasts impressive dimensions of 28.5 meters in length, 7.8 meters in width and 16 meters in height. The completion of this building signifies a crucial step forward in Kendal Nutricare’s expansion plans and sets the stage for further construction activities.

Partnership Benefits for Kendal Nutricare

By teaming up with Midbrook Steel Buildings, Kendal Nutricare has gained access to a trusted and experienced steel frame building supplier. Midbrook Steel Buildings specialises in designing and constructing steel framed buildings tailored to meet specific requirements. The partnership promises to deliver high-quality structures while providing Kendal Nutricare with valuable guidance and expertise throughout the project.

Future Steel Frame Building Projects

As the current project progresses successfully, Kendal Nutricare and Midbrook Steel Buildings are already looking ahead to upcoming steel framed building endeavours. Manufacturers seeking reliable and experienced suppliers for their construction needs are encouraged to consider Midbrook Steel Buildings. With a commitment to offering practical advice and superior service, we ensure that each steel building project is executed with efficiency and excellence.

Tailored Solutions and Exceptional Service

Midbrook Steel Buildings takes pride in its ability to create bespoke steel framed buildings precisely aligned with the unique requirements of its clients. By combining expertise with a practical approach, we deliver solutions that cater to the specific needs of manufacturers. With an emphasis on high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, Midbrook Steel Buildings strives to exceed expectations in every project it undertakes.

Take the Next Step

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