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Midbrook Steel Buildings Provides Steel Framed Building for Target Stati-Cal Ltd

CustomerTarget Stati-Cal Ltd
Building UsageOffices & Material Store
Architect/ProjectThe Midbrook Design Team
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This case study focuses on the collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Target Stati-Cal Ltd, a construction company based in Newbury. Target Stati-Cal Ltd required a new steel framed building for their offices and material store. Midbrook Steel Buildings was approached to provide their expertise in designing and constructing the steel building.


The objective of this project was to deliver a high-quality steel framed building that meets the specific requirements of Target Stati-Cal Ltd. The project encompassed groundworks, the supply and erection of the steel building and the installation of horizontal shiplap cladding.


The steel building project faced several challenges, including ensuring the building design adhered to local building regulations and codes. Additionally, coordination with other contractors responsible for internal work required effective communication and collaboration.


1. Initial Site Survey:
Midbrook Steel Buildings conducted a thorough site survey to assess the requirements and constraints of the steel building project. This step allowed the team to gather crucial information and formulate a comprehensive plan.

2. Quotation and Contract:
After reviewing the site survey results, Target Stati-Cal Ltd decided to proceed with Midbrook Steel Buildings’ quotation. A contract was established, outlining the scope of work, timelines and deliverables.

3. Groundworks:
Midbrook Steel Buildings carried out the necessary groundworks to prepare the site for construction. This involved site levelling, foundation preparation and utility connections.

4. Steel Building Supply and Erection:
As the appointed steel framed building supplier, Midbrook Steel Buildings provided the main steel frame, roof and wall cladding. Our experienced team efficiently erected the steel structure, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

5. Shiplap Cladding:
To enhance the building’s aesthetics and durability, horizontal shiplap cladding was installed. This type of cladding provides a sleek and modern appearance while protecting the steel building from external elements.

6. Collaboration with Other Contractors:
While Midbrook Steel Buildings handled the supply and erection of the steel frame and cladding, internal work, such as finishing and installations, was outsourced to other contractors. Effective coordination and communication were essential to ensure seamless integration of these components.


Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully completed the construction of a custom steel framed building for Target Stati-Cal Ltd in Newbury. The steel building project showcased the company’s expertise in designing and erecting steel structures while meeting the client’s specific requirements. By providing high-quality materials, efficient construction processes, and seamless collaboration with other contractors, Midbrook Steel Buildings delivered a durable and visually appealing building for Target Stati-Cal Ltd.

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