steel framed mini bus garage

Midbrook Steel Buildings Constructs Steel Framed Mini Bus Garage for Willmott Dixon

CustomerWilmott Dixon
Building UsageMini Bus Garage
ClientBankview & Redbridge School
what we did...

This case study highlights the collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Willmott Dixon, a renowned construction company in the education sector. Willmott Dixon required a new mini bus garage for Bankview & Redbridge School. Midbrook Steel Buildings was approached to provide a superior steel framed building to fulfil the project requirements.


The objective of this project was to deliver a durable and functional mini bus garage for Bankview & Redbridge School. Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied the steel framework and insulated roof cladding, while the construction of the walls was outsourced to other contractors who used brickwork. Compliance with all health and safety responsibilities was a crucial aspect of the project.


The steel building project faced several challenges, including ensuring that the steel building design met the specific requirements of a mini bus garage while adhering to local building regulations. Effective coordination with other contractors involved in the brickwork construction was essential to ensure seamless integration.


1. Initial Contact and Requirement Analysis:
Willmott Dixon approached Midbrook Steel Buildings with the requirement for a mini bus garage. Midbrook Steel Buildings assessed the project needs and offered a superior steel framed building solution.

2. Steel Framework and Insulated Roof Cladding:
Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied and installed the steel framework for the mini bus garage. This framework provided the structural integrity necessary for the garage. Additionally, insulated roof cladding was incorporated to ensure energy efficiency and temperature control within the steel building.

3. Brickwork Construction:
The construction of the garage walls, using brickwork, was outsourced to other contractors. These contractors were responsible for completing the walls as per the specifications provided.

4. Health and Safety Compliance:
Midbrook Steel Buildings diligently complied with all health and safety responsibilities as requested by Willmott Dixon, the main contractor. This included adhering to safety regulations, implementing appropriate safety measures during construction, and ensuring a safe working environment for all involved.


Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully collaborated with Willmott Dixon to construct a steel framed mini bus garage for Bankview & Redbridge School. By providing the steel framework and insulated roof cladding, Midbrook ensured a durable and energy-efficient structure. The coordination with other contractors responsible for the brickwork construction ensured a seamless integration of all components. Throughout the project, Midbrook Steel Buildings prioritised compliance with health and safety requirements, ensuring a safe construction process.


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