steel building for archery club

Steel Building & Groundworks for Guildford Archery Club

CustomerGuildford Archery Club
Building UsageArchery
ClientGuildford Archery Club
Architect/ProjectSports England - Inspired facilities project
what we did...

In this case study, we discuss our involvement in a project for Guildford Archery Club. As part of Sports England’s Inspired Facilities project, the club sought a new building to enhance its archery facilities. Midbrook Steel Buildings were entrusted with the task of providing a comprehensive solution, including groundworks, a steel structure and liaising with building control. This case study showcases our ability to deliver secure, durable, and professionally designed steel buildings tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Client Background and Requirements

Guildford Archery Club, a community-based organisation, aimed to elevate their archery facilities to meet the growing demands of its members. Seeking a durable and versatile structure, they approached Midbrook Steel Buildings for our expertise in steel construction.

Project Scope and Execution

Upon receiving the brief, our team embarked on executing a range of tasks to fulfil Guildford Archery Club’s requirements. The steel building project encompassed various aspects, including groundworks, reinforced raft foundation installation, pathway creation and coordination with building control. The core of our contribution involved supplying and installing a single-skin steel building with specific dimensions of 7.2m x 12.5m and a mono pitch roof design.

Collaboration and Specialisation

As part of our commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we collaborated closely with Guildford Archery Club throughout the steel building project. Our expertise in steel construction allowed us to provide valuable guidance and ensure the building’s design met the club’s needs. While Midbrook Steel Buildings focused on the external structure, internal work and fit-out were undertaken by other parties.

The Benefits of a Steel Building Solution

Midbrook Steel Buildings offers secure, durable, and professionally engineered steel buildings that meet a wide range of needs. Steel structures are particularly well-suited for sporting facilities like the Guildford Archery Club. Their strength and versatility provide a secure environment for archery equipment storage, training, and competitions. With minimal maintenance requirements, steel buildings offer a cost-effective solution for long-term use.

Looking for Your Own Steel Framed Building Solution?

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