New Steel Framed Building Storage Facility for Woodchurch Wines

CustomerWoodchurch Wines
Building UsageStorage Facility / Retail Shop
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we specialise in the design and construction of steel framed buildings for various industries, including the wine industry. In this case study, we’ll examine their project for Woodchurch Wines in Kent, where Midbrook Steel Buildings oversaw the design and build of a new steel building storage facility.

Woodchurch Wines is a family-run vineyard in Kent, UK, that produces award-winning wines. As the business grew, the owners decided to invest in a new steel framed building storage facility to store their wine, make the wine and house a new retail shop and tasting area for customers.

Midbrook Steel Buildings was tasked with overseeing the design and build of the new steel building storage facility. The works included extensive groundworks, steelwork and insulated cladding to create a new storage facility, which also included a retail shop and an impressive viewing gallery. The gallery was incorporated into Woodchurch’s vineyard tours to give visitors an insight into the winemaking process and to showcase the beautiful vineyards.

The steel framed building was designed and constructed to meet Woodchurch’s specific requirements. The building was clad with insulated panels to provide energy efficiency and durability. The interior of the building was divided into several sections to accommodate the different stages of the winemaking process. 

The retail shop and tasting area were designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable space for visitors to enjoy the wines and the picturesque surroundings. The building featured large windows and a skylight to provide natural light and ventilation. The seating area was designed to resemble a restaurant and was the perfect space for visitors to relax, taste the wine and enjoy the beautiful views.

The construction of the steel framed building storage facility was completed within the agreed timeframe and budget and to the satisfaction of the customer. Woodchurch Wines was impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise and attention to detail provided by Midbrook Steel Buildings throughout the project.

Midbrook Steel Buildings has demonstrated its expertise in designing and constructing steel framed buildings for the wine industry. The new steel building storage facility for Woodchurch Wines is a testament to our commitment to quality, durability and customer satisfaction.

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