Steel Building for Boat Storage Facility & Training Room

CustomerTamworth Sailing Club
SectorSports & Community
Building UsageBoat Storage Facility & Training Room
ClientDirectly with the End User
LocationTamworth, West Midlands
Architect/ProjectAdam Shore Architects
what we did...

This case study showcases the collaboration between Tamworth Sailing Club and Midbrook Steel Buildings in the construction of a steel building to serve as a boat storage facility and training room. The steel building project, located in the West Midlands, was managed directly with the end user and in partnership with Adam Shore Architects.


Tamworth Sailing Club was in need of a steel building contractor who could provide a comprehensive turnkey package after obtaining planning permission. They sought a solution that would align with the requirements outlined in their Sport England grant bid.


Midbrook Steel Buildings won the tender for the project and engaged in close consultation with our engineers to meet the committee’s expectations. The team presented a slab design and steel frame building package that satisfied all the necessary criteria.


The construction timeline for this steel building project was set at 6 weeks. Midbrook Steel Buildings designed a 175mm double reinforced raft for the floor slab. The completed steel building encompassed a 6m x 16.7m footprint, reaching a height of 2.4m. The steel structure was insulated and featured three electric roller shutter doors.


Through a successful partnership with Tamworth Sailing Club and Adam Shore Architects, Midbrook Steel Buildings delivered a custom steel building project. The facility now serves as an efficient boat storage area and a dedicated training room for the sailing club. The steel building project was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, showcasing Midbrook’s commitment to efficient project management of steel building turnkey packages.

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