Steel-framed building update

Update on Our Steel Building Extension Project in Whetstone!

Midbrook Steel Buildings is thrilled to update our valued clients and website visitors on the progress of our latest steel-framed building extension project in Whetstone. This project marks another significant milestone in our commitment to delivering high-quality steel-framed buildings tailored to our clients’ needs.


Project Progress Highlights

The construction of the extension is progressing swiftly, with several key milestones achieved:

  • Groundworks Completed: The foundation and groundwork have been successfully laid, providing a solid base for the structure.
  • Steel Frame Installation: The steel frame, a hallmark of durability and strength, has been expertly installed to support the building’s structure.
  • Roof Cladding Finished: The roof cladding has been completed, ensuring weather resistance and enhancing the building’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Current and Next Steps

Currently, our focus is on the following tasks:

  • Brickwork and Blockwork: We are in the process of completing the brickwork and blockwork. This phase involves meticulous craftsmanship to integrate seamlessly with the existing building’s architecture.
  • Wall Cladding Installation: Next on our agenda is the installation of wall cladding, which will enhance the building’s insulation and visual appeal.

Seamless Integration and Visual Appeal

The new brickwork and cladding will seamlessly blend with the existing structure, ensuring a unified appearance that meets both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Visual Progress

We invite you to view the latest photos showcasing our progress.

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