steel building extension

Steel Expansion Sensation: NBJ’s Bespoke Workshop Project

CustomerNBJ Ltd
Building UsageBespoke Joiners Workshop
LocationHusbands Bosworth
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...


The primary challenge faced by Midbrook Steel Buildings was to extend NBJ‘s joiners workshop in a way that not only met the company’s functional requirements but also seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture of three portal frame buildings. This required careful planning, precision engineering, and a commitment to excellence throughout the steel building project.


Innovative Design

Midbrook’s team focused on delivering an innovative design for the bespoke workshop extension. The goal was to not only address NBJ’s immediate spatial needs but also introduce a touch of innovation to their workspace. The result is a steel building that optimally utilises available space while maintaining a blended aesthetic with the surrounding buildings.

grey steel building extension

Seamless Integration

Creating a new structure between existing buildings is a complex task, but Midbrook Steel Buildings executed it seamlessly, creating a transition that enhances the whole site.

Collaborative Journey

Collaborative Journey: Working closely with NBJ has been a delight. Their hands-on approach and dedication to success created a friendly teamwork atmosphere. This collaboration not only made the project easier but also added joy to the whole journey for everyone involved.

What Sets Midbrook Steel Buildings Apart?

Midbrook distinguishes itself by delivering turnkey solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Our expertise in industrial and commercial steel buildings, coupled with a commitment to quality and innovation, ensures the success of each project. This case study showcases Midbrook’s ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver outstanding results.


Steel building and roller shutter door

Looking Ahead

If you’re thinking about a project involving steel buildings, contact us at Midbrook Steel Buildings today. We are dedicated to offering customised solutions, and this commitment extends to giving personalised quotes. Price up your project here: Don’t hesitate to get in touch and explore the possibilities for your unique steel building venture.

In conclusion, the successful completion of NBJ’s bespoke workshop expansion in Husbands Bosworth stands as a testament to Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in delivering seamless and innovative steel building solutions.