Steel Storage Building

Steel Storage Building for D&J Storage

CustomerD&J Storage
SectorSelf Storage
Building UsageSelf Storage
LocationRadstock near Bath
Architect/ProjectDuncan Williams
what we did...

D&J Storage, a self-storage company, based in Radstock near Bath, approached Midbrook Steel Buildings to construct a new storage facility for their expanding business. They required a fully insulated steel framed building with specific dimensions and features.


D&J Storage needed a storage solution that would meet their growing demands. They had already prepared a concrete slab with the assistance of another contractor. Their requirements included a 12m wide, 42m long and 6m high structure with insulation to maintain optimal storage conditions. Additionally, they required an internal mezzanine floor with 38mm chipboard flooring, covering 38m of the internal floor area. Compliance with building regulations, specifically Part K, was essential for safe and accessible access stairs.


D&J Storage engaged Midbrook Steel Buildings for the project. Midbrook’s experienced team embarked on the task of supplying and installing a fully insulated steel framed building according to the specified dimensions and requirements. We ensured that the existing concrete slab provided by another contractor was suitable for the steel building project.

Midbrook’s experts integrated a 38mm chipboard flooring system to create a sturdy and functional internal mezzanine floor covering 38m of the floor area. This additional space optimised the storage capacity of the building. Moreover, two sets of access stairs were constructed, fully compliant with Part K of the building regulations, ensuring safe and convenient movement within the facility.


With the completion of the steel building project, D&J Storage acquired a tailor-made steel-framed building that fulfilled their storage needs. The insulated structure provided a controlled environment for storing various items, ensuring their integrity and longevity. The internal mezzanine floor added valuable space for additional storage units, maximising the efficiency of the facility. Compliance with building regulations ensured the safety of employees and customers accessing the steel frame building.


D&J Storage’s collaboration with Midbrook Steel Buildings resulted in the successful construction of a customised storage facility. Midbrook’s expertise in steel frame buildings and adherence to the specific requirements of the project allowed for the creation of a functional and compliant structure. D&J Storage can now provide enhanced storage solutions to its customers, accommodating their growing demands.

If you are considering a steel framed building for your storage needs, reach out to Midbrook Steel Buildings for a free, no-obligation quote. Our experienced team can assist you in creating a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.