Revamping Holiday Park’s Pool and Bar Area with a Striking Steel Building

CustomerUK Park Holidays
Building UsageSwimming Pool and Bar Area
LocationSouth East Coast
Architect/ProjectClient led design
what we did...

UK Park Holidays, a prominent UK holiday park specialist with holiday parks across England and Scotland, aimed to enhance its offerings with a new Swimming Pool and Bar Area. Partnering with Midbrook Steel Buildings, renowned for steel frame buildings and groundworks, UK Park Holidays embarked on a journey to create a bespoke leisure space that enhances guest experiences.


Midbrook Steel Buildings faced the challenge of designing and erecting a steel-framed building that seamlessly integrated a swimming pool and bar area while meeting UK Park Holidays’ vision for a contemporary space.


Midbrook collaborated closely with UK Park Holidays, employing a client-led design approach to craft a tailored solution. This involved:

1. Bespoke Design: Midbrook designed a space-efficient structure, optimising functionality while integrating the swimming pool and bar area.
2. High-Quality Materials: Premium-grade steel ensured structural integrity, durability, and efficient construction.
3. Expert Installation: Midbrook’s skilled team executed the erection of steelwork and cladding with precision and safety.


The collaborative effort resulted in a successful Swimming Pool and Bar Area project, enhancing leisure offerings and garnering praise from guests and stakeholders.


1. Enhanced Guest Experience: The new amenities provided guests with a rejuvenating space for relaxation and socialising.
2. Structural Durability: High-quality steel ensured longevity and minimised maintenance requirements.
3. Seamless Integration: The cohesive design showcased Midbrook’s expertise in custom construction, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.


The partnership between UK Park Holidays and Midbrook Steel Buildings has set a new standard for leisure facilities. As UK Park Holidays continues to innovate, their collaboration with Midbrook remains pivotal in shaping memorable vacation experiences.