P Hart Fencing – Plant & Machinery Storage Steel Building Solutions

CustomerP Hart Fencing
Building UsagePlant & Machinery Storage
ClientEnvironment Agency
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

Project Overview

Midbrook Steel Buildings undertook a unique commercial steel building project for P Hart Fencing, commissioned by the Environment Agency. The scope involved providing custom steel buildings to cover existing concrete walls, including a large canopy for plant and machinery storage, alongside an L-shaped steel-framed storage building.



Key objectives included:

  1. Designing and delivering a robust canopy structure to shelter plant and machinery.
  2. Providing a comprehensive groundworks package to support the steel frame buildings.
  3. Ensuring client satisfaction through quality craftsmanship and timely project completion.

Our Approach

Our approach focused on careful planning and collaborative design:

  1. Custom Canopy Design: Tailored the canopy to seamlessly cover existing concrete walls, optimising space and functionality.
  2. Steel-Framed Building: Designed and erected an L-shaped storage steel building, enhancing on-site storage capacity.
  3. Groundworks Expertise: Executed precise groundworks to ensure stable foundations for both structures.


The steel frame building project successfully met all client requirements, delivering:

  • A durable and spacious canopy for effective plant and machinery storage.
  • An additional steel-framed building enhancing storage capabilities on-site.
  • Client satisfaction through adherence to quality standards and project timelines.


Client Feedback

P Hart Fencing expressed satisfaction with the delivered solutions, highlighting the efficiency and reliability of our team here at Midbrook Steel Buildings in meeting their unique storage needs.


Midbrook Steel Buildings demonstrated expertise in providing tailored steel buildings for plant and machinery storage, reaffirming our commitment to quality and client-centric solutions.