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Phase One of Scaddows Farm Steel Framed Building Extension

CustomerScaddows Farm & Vineyard
Building UsageWinery
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
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Client Overview

Scaddows Farm & Vineyard, located in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside, is a thriving agricultural business known for its strawberry picking, farm shop café and production of a variety of wines, including white, rosé, and sparkling.

Client Needs

Facing the need to expand their storage and processing facilities due to increased demand and business growth, Scaddows Farm sought a reliable and durable solution that would align with their values. They required a building extension that would accommodate their expanding operations while minimising environmental impact and ensuring longevity.


Midbrook Steel Buildings’ Solution

1. Redesign for Cost Efficiency
Understanding the client’s financial considerations, Midbrook Steel Buildings undertook a redesign of the proposed extension. This involved optimising the structural layout and materials without compromising on quality or functionality. The revised design not only reduced construction costs but also streamlined the building process.

2. Facilitating Grant Acquisition
Recognising the potential for financial support, Midbrook Steel Buildings assisted Scaddows Farm in navigating the grant application process with the local council. Through detailed documentation and clear communication, they ensured that the client’s application met all necessary criteria, facilitating the approval of a grant that contributed to project funding.

3. Timely Completion of Phase One
With Scaddows Farm’s operational schedule in mind, it was crucial to complete Phase One of the building extension before the onset of the busy season. Despite challenges posed by weather and logistical constraints, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully delivered Phase One on schedule. This timely completion ensured minimal disruption to the client’s operations and will enable them to utilise the new facilities when they are required.

Project Outcome

The collaborative efforts between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Scaddows Farm resulted in a successful Phase One completion. The redesigned steel-framed building not only met the client’s operational requirements but also exceeded expectations in terms of cost efficiency and functionality. By securing a grant, Midbrook Steel Buildings demonstrated their commitment to supporting clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from design to implementation.


The partnership between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Scaddows Farm exemplifies how innovative design, strategic grant facilitation, and timely project execution can achieve outstanding results in agricultural building expansions. Moving forward, Scaddows Farm is well-positioned to enhance productivity and sustainability, thanks to their expanded facilities.


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