New Steel Building for P Hart Fencing

CustomerP Hart Fencing
Building Usage Storage Facility
ClientEnvironment Agency
LocationTamworth, West Midlands
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...
Our client had a requirement for an additional storage facility for on-site machinery and plant. Groundworks were constructed by others after the contractor had liaised with our contracts manager to provide them with an accurate slab layout drawing. The buildings dimensions were 9m x 12m 3m to the eaves and the cladding specified was a KSRW1000 panel with a core thickness of 40mm. The build took a total of 5 days from start to finish, not including internal fit out done by others.

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P Hart Fencing, a commercial entity in Tamworth, West Midlands, required an additional storage facility to accommodate on-site machinery and plant. The Environment Agency, their client, entrusted them with this task, emphasising the need for efficiency and durability. Midbrook Steel Buildings stepped in to provide a solution tailored to their needs.

What We Did

1. Initial Consultation and Planning
We commenced with a thorough consultation to understand the requirements and specifications of P Hart Fencing and the Environment Agency. This crucial step allowed us to tailor our solution precisely to their needs, ensuring maximum utility and satisfaction.

2. Design and Coordination
Working closely with the contractor, we coordinated the design and layout of the steel building. Our contracts manager provided accurate slab layout drawings to guide the groundworks, which were executed by external parties. This collaborative effort ensured seamless integration of the steel building into the site.

3. Construction
The steel building, measuring 9m x 12m with a height of 3m to the eaves, was erected efficiently and promptly. We utilised KSRW1000 panels with a core thickness of 40mm for the cladding, meeting the desired specifications for durability and insulation.

4. Completion and Handover
The entire construction process, from start to finish, was completed within a commendable timeframe of 5 days. However, it’s important to note that internal fit-out works were carried out by other contractors as per the client’s preferences.


The successful completion of the steel building project for P Hart Fencing underscores Midbrook Steel Buildings’ commitment to delivering tailored solutions with efficiency and precision. Our collaborative approach, combined with attention to detail, ensured that the new storage facility met and exceeded the expectations of both our client and their end customer, the Environment Agency.