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New Steel-Framed Building Dojo for Leigh Judo Club

CustomerLeigh Judo Club
Building UsageMartial Arts Training/Multi-Purpose
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
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Midbrook Steel Buildings played a pivotal role in constructing the new steel-framed building and handling the groundworks for the Leigh Judo Club dojo. This project showcases Midbrook’s expertise in delivering cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality steel frame buildings.


Project Highlights

Luke, the Director at Leigh Judo Club, expressed his enthusiasm for the new facility, highlighting several key aspects:

Cost-Effectiveness: Leveraging steel and insulation, Midbrook crafted a cost-effective yet sturdy steel building. The design also integrated future-ready features like solar panel compatibility, enhancing sustainability and reducing operational costs.

Quality and Professionalism: Despite the rapid pace of construction, Midbrook maintained high quality. Challenges were met with swift resolutions, demonstrating the team’s professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction.

Innovative Design: The innovative use of magnets to affix posters, flags, and decorations was a small yet significant detail that added great value to the low-maintenance and user-friendly design.

Community Focus: Luke emphasised the human touch and sense of collaboration throughout the steel-framed building project. The new steel building not only met practical needs but also created a warm, inviting environment fostering connection and collaboration.

Client Feedback

Luke’s feedback highlights Midbrook’s exceptional service:

“From the onset of our project, Midbrook Buildings demonstrated unwavering professionalism, excellent communication, and an innate understanding of our vision. We can’t be more pleased with the entire process, from design to completion, and are thrilled with the finished product.

Throughout the design stage, Midbrook’s team consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our new steel dojo would meet the unique needs of our community. They listened to our requirements and provided insightful suggestions to enhance the final outcome. Their collaborative approach allowed us to create a space that perfectly captures the spirit of our project.

Midbrook’s commitment to exceptional service continued as we encountered various challenges during the project. They remained resourceful, patient, and solution-focused, addressing every hurdle with professionalism, creativity, and efficiency. Their punctual communication kept us informed and assured that our project was in the most capable hands.

We were particularly impressed by the team’s ability to grasp the community-driven nature of our project. This understanding translated into a final project that not only meets our practical needs but also creates a warm, inviting environment that fosters connection and collaboration.

True to their word, Midbrook delivered our project on schedule, which is a testament to their dedication and organization. Every aspect of their work exceeded our expectations, leaving us with a profound trust in their service and a strong desire to collaborate with them on future endeavors.

The Lowton Community Hub wholeheartedly recommends Midbrook to any organization seeking a partner that values communication, ingenuity, and a shared commitment to excellence. We are confident that Midbrook will continue to raise the bar in the industry and look forward to witnessing the positive impact they make on other community projects.”

Key Learnings

This project underscores the importance of purpose-built steel buildings over repurposing existing community halls or similar structures. For clubs and organisations needing a dedicated space, steel frame buildings are the ideal solution. Midbrook’s comprehensive service, managing everything from planning and groundworks to the completion of the steel building, ensures a seamless process for clients.

Looking Forward

The Lowton Community Hub has exciting plans for the coming months, promising brilliant additions to the community. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on their developments—big things are on the horizon!

If you need a space for your activities, clubs, or any other purpose, consider a steel building from Midbrook. We handle everything from planning to groundworks to final construction.


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