steel crash barriers for Brewery

Midbrook Steel Buildings Enhances Workplace Safety with Crash Barriers Installation at Bedford Brewery

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, a leading provider of construction and steel framed buildings, we have successfully completed the installation of crash barriers at a Brewery in Bedford. This initiative aims to prioritise the safety of the company’s employees by creating secure walkways throughout the premises. With the new barriers in place, employees can now navigate the site with ease, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall workplace safety.


Crash barriers play a vital role in safeguarding employees, preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas and effectively managing traffic flow within industrial and commercial environments. Here at Midbrook Steel Buildings, we’re known for our expertise in designing and installing high-quality steel structures, hence why we were selected to carry out this critical safety project at the Bedford Brewery.

With a strong commitment to workplace safety, Midbrook Steel Buildings is dedicated to helping businesses across various sectors improve their safety standards and protect their employees. Our extensive range of services also includes the design and construction of steel framed buildings, mezzanine floors and safety solutions such as crash barriers.

A Little Bit About Midbrook Steel Buildings

Midbrook Steel Buildings is a renowned provider of construction and safety solutions, specialising in the design and installation of steel framed buildings, groundworks, mezzanine floors and safety solutions such as crash barriers. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to delivering high-quality steel building projects, we help businesses across various industries enhance workplace safety and operational efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about Midbrook Steel Buildings’ comprehensive services and how we can help enhance workplace safety in your organisation, contact our expert team today.