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A repeat customer J & E Hall contacted Midbrook Mezzanine Floors for their new mezzanine flooring requirements. Midbrook Mezzanine Floors is a leading supplier of mezzanine floors in the UK. We have extensive experience installing mezzanine floors for various industries, including machinery companies.

J & E Hall is a refrigeration machinery company that had previously used Midbrook Mezzanine Floors to install a mezzanine floor at their main site. J & E Hall was storing their equipment and machinery at a facility quite far from their main site. However, when a unit became available across the road, they decided to snap it up and then required a mezzanine floor to be installed to make optimum use of the space.

A requirement for J & E Hall was to install a mezzanine floor within a short time frame so that they could start using the space immediately. They wanted to ensure that the mezzanine floor was installed efficiently and safely without causing any damage to their equipment and machinery.

Midbrook Mezzanine Floors supplied J & E Hall with their new mezzanine floor and completed the project within 4 days. The new mezzanine floor provided J & E Hall additional space for their equipment and machinery. J & E Hall was able to start using their new storage facility immediately after the installation of the mezzanine floor. They no longer needed to travel to the other storage facility as the new one was just across the road.

The project was a success! J & E Hall was pleased with the service provided by Midbrook Mezzanine Floors. The mezzanine floor provided J & E Hall with additional space to store their equipment and machinery, which helped them to optimise their operations.