Midbrook Complete Steel Building Project for Big Brother TV show

In the dynamic world of television production, every detail matters, especially when it comes to iconic shows like Big Brother. Midbrook Steel Buildings recently had the honour of being appointed by the renowned production company Scott Fleary to undertake a pivotal steel building project: constructing the new house for the successful TV show along with a cutting-edge eviction building. With tight deadlines looming for the start of the new series, Midbrook took on the challenge and delivered a remarkable project in collaboration with the Scott Fleary team.

A Critical Partnership

The collaboration between Midbrook Steel Buildings and Scott Fleary was a testament to the seamless synergy between two industry leaders. Scott Fleary, known for its innovative set designs, entrusted Midbrook with the critical task of bringing their vision for the new Big Brother house to life. The Midbrook Design Team, renowned for their expertise in steel construction, worked closely with Scott Fleary to ensure that the project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Scope of Work

Midbrook’s scope of work encompassed the entire project lifecycle. From executing essential groundworks to the meticulous manufacture and construction of the steel framework, including mezzanines, external cladding, and doors, Midbrook left no stone unturned. The complexity of the project required a comprehensive approach, and Midbrook rose to the occasion, showcasing their proficiency in handling multifaceted tasks.

Meeting Tight Deadlines

The television industry operates on unforgiving schedules, and the Big Brother project was no exception. The Midbrook team, driven by a commitment to excellence, embraced the challenge of completing the project within the specified time frames. The coordination between Scott Fleary and Midbrook was instrumental in ensuring that every stage of the construction process seamlessly unfolded, culminating in the timely delivery of the Big Brother house and eviction building.

Challenges Overcome

Undoubtedly, constructing a facility for a globally acclaimed TV show presented its own set of challenges. However, Midbrook’s experienced team navigated through these challenges with skill and determination. The intricacies of the design, coupled with the urgency of the timeline, demanded a level of precision and efficiency that Midbrook delivered, leaving both Scott Fleary and the ultimate client satisfied with the final result.

Customer Satisfaction

In the end, the success of any project is measured by the satisfaction of the client. Midbrook’s commitment to delivering a high-quality product on time did not go unnoticed. Scott Fleary, impressed by the dedication and professionalism exhibited by Midbrook throughout the project, expressed their satisfaction with the final outcome. The Big Brother TV show had a new home, thanks to the collaborative efforts of these two industry powerhouses.


The completion of the Big Brother TV show project stands as a testament to Midbrook Steel Buildings’ unwavering commitment to excellence in the face of challenging deadlines and complex requirements. As the curtains rise on the new series, the behind-the-scenes collaboration between Midbrook and Scott Fleary remains a shining example of what can be achieved when expertise and innovation join forces in the world of television production.