New Material Storage Steel-Framed Building for JC Metalworks Ltd

CustomerJC Metalworks Ltd
Building UsageMaterial Storage Facility
ClientEnd User
LocationLoughborough, Leicestershire
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

JC Metalworks Ltd, a thriving metal fabrication company based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, faced a pressing need for additional material storage space. To address this challenge promptly, they turned to Midbrook Steel Buildings, renowned for our expertise in steel-framed buildings. This case study highlights how Midbrook provided a swift and efficient solution to meet JC Metalworks‘ requirements.


With space constraints impeding operations, JC Metalworks urgently sought a solution for expanding their material storage capacity. The challenge was to deliver a bespoke steel-framed building within a tight timeframe while ensuring cost-effectiveness and structural integrity.


Midbrook Steel Buildings swiftly responded to JC Metalworks’ needs by conducting a level survey and devising a tailored solution. Key aspects of the solution included:

Efficient Project Execution: Within a two-week timeframe, Midbrook supplied and installed a steel-framed building onto JC Metalworks’ existing concrete yard, maximising space utilisation and minimising disruption to operations.

Customised Design: The steel-framed building was carefully designed to meet JC Metalworks’ specific requirements for material storage, ensuring optimal functionality and accessibility.

Timely Delivery: Despite the tight schedule, Midbrook delivered the project on time and within the allocated budget, demonstrating their commitment to client satisfaction and operational efficiency.


The collaboration between JC Metalworks Ltd and Midbrook Steel Buildings culminated in the successful completion of the material storage facility. The swift implementation of the steel-framed building not only addressed the client’s immediate need for space but also exceeded their expectations in terms of quality and timeliness.

Key Benefits

Swift Solution: Midbrook’s rapid response and efficient project execution enabled JC Metalworks to overcome space constraints and continue their operations seamlessly.

Cost-Effectiveness: By delivering the project within the stipulated timeframe and budget, Midbrook ensured that JC Metalworks received optimal value for their investment.

Client Satisfaction: JC Metalworks expressed delight with the finished result, underscoring the positive impact of Midbrook’s solution on their business operations.


Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in steel-framed buildings enabled JC Metalworks Ltd to swiftly address their material storage needs. As a trusted partner, Midbrook continues to deliver innovative and efficient solutions, driving operational excellence and client satisfaction. Through collaborative efforts, businesses like JC Metalworks can overcome challenges and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.